Why is Crave Interactive on my bank statement?

Crave Interactive are a technology solutions provider for hospitality businesses across the globe with a head office in Bedfordshire, UK.

Our mobile order and pay solutions are utilised by many different venues, such as bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants, theatres and hotels to process orders and payments, generally for food and beverages.

If you have recently visited a venue that uses our technology, you probably used your smartphone to scan a QR code at the table, place your order and pay on your device. 

You’ll see Crave Interactive on your bank or credit card statement as we are the registered merchant with the payment provider and we arrange for your payment to be passed on to the venue.


If you have any queries please contact the venue where you used our mobile order and pay system.

Or you can contact us at support@crave-emenu.com or call 0330 403 0144. 

Our office hours are 9am to 10pm GMT.